© 2009 by Dawn Caldwell
The rights to individual art works remain solely with the artist and her original copyright.

"NFS" - A Capital Night (watercolor)
"NFS" - A New Capital Night - w/out flag (watercolor)
ConteState House Magnolia (watercolor)
Offset Prints Available
Offset Prints Available
Large, Medium & Small
Medium & Small
red roof
"ORIGINAL SOLD" - Charleston Rooftops (oil)
Clouds over Charleston (oil)
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"ORIGINAL SOLD" - Charleston Battery (watercolor)
Battery Shadows (watercolor)
"ORIGINAL SOLD" - Rainbow Row (watercolor)
"ORIGINAL SOLD" - Charleston Morning (watercolor)
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st phillips
"ORIGINAL SOLD" - Charleston Galleries (watercolor)
St. Phillips (oil)
Pretty Maids All in a Row (watercolor)
"ORIGINAL SOLD" - Rainbow Morning (watercolor)
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